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Accounting Poem – Math Poetry

Accounting Poem

There’s one amazing subject,
I like to study a lot,
It’s one of the interesting field,
That most of people prefer.

This practical subject,
Records every count,
This astounding subject,
Is none other than math.

The entries, the ledgers,
The annoying creditors,
The trial balance, the journals,
The usual doubtful debtors.

The decrease in liabilities,
Depreciation in assets.
Always do create,
A financial distress.

The hectic bank reconciliations,
The lengthy financial accounts,
The fumbling rectification of errors ,
Disrupting the tally counts.

The concept of amalgamation,
The determination of inventories,
Creating a mental mesh,
Using FIFO,LIFO & Weighted averages.

The super profits,
The expenses of partners,
Another head ache,
Irritating pain miners.

The functional relationship,
Of consignor and consignee,
Tampers my interest,
The silly consignment theory.

The quantitative tension,
Most hated costing
Adds to the burden,
The theoretical auditing.

So my fellow friends,
Accounts is simple & outstanding,
With playful easy concepts,
It makes commerce interesting.

Never ever fear,
From this amazing vast field,
Cause improvisation in commerce,
This accounting factor will yield.

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