Addiction Poem – Poem on Drug Addiction – Drinking Poetry

Addiction Poem – Poem on Drug

Addiction Poem

Drugs, Alcohol, Cigars,
That’s how addiction triggers.

Destroys your healthy sweet life,
Acts like a brutal sharp as a knife.

One encounter with an addiction,
Worsens your stable conditions.

One interaction with a drug,
Will turn your health as rough as a rug.

One puff of a cigar,
Will turn your lungs into a bizarre.

A small alcoholic drink,
Will force your liver to sink.

Charas, Ganja, Heroine,
Their side effects very mean.

Marlboro, camel, lucky strike,
Your worst life chances hike.

Old tavern united spirits whisky,
Your survival turns risky.

If getting out of this is a huge confusion,
There is an much effective remedy “Rehabilitation”.

Refrain from agents of addiction,
To avoid  serious health conditions.

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