Always Love You Poem – There Is Always Love In The Sky

Always Love You Poem – Love Poetry

Always Love You Poem

There is always love in the sky,
we born after we die,
we hear voice talk in us,
language of the God,
in the mind breath inside,
words on the tongue,
body walk on the ground,
help to save us,
from the devil,
from its evil games,
to be far from it,
as light fight the dark,
as conscience against vicious,
as humanity against racism,
but we go far from,
the God torch,
we turn off his light,
because of our selfish,
to have what we want,
without care to the others,
to what good to them,
to their safe,
and only the lying,
the hateness the greed,
the fight for,
the personal interests.

only unfortunately,
we forget that the person,
not die by gun or by disease,
or by growing old,
but when the others,
forget him as refuse,
to the bad deeds,
so don’t go away from,
the voice of the good,
or you will regret,
will be burned,
in the fire of your sins,
so the simple advice,
don’t do what make,
you and your children,
shy by the time,
the only safe way,
by obeying only the God,
by satisfied in our destiny,
by always remember,
and never forget,
we are shadows,
to pass the exam,
we go as we come,
we leave with take nothing.

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