Ban Poem – Ban The Ban – Poem On Anger

Ban Poem – Poem On Anger

Ban Poem

The government of India,
Is down with a strange disease,
Its going on banning everything,
Discomforting the citizens peace.

Banning everything from food to movies
Even cuss and verbal abuses,
Interrupting every person’s privacy,
As ban is on its ease.

Banning of things to prevent a bizarre riot,
Is very right,
While ban of movies and documentaries,
Obviously will force the people to show their anger and might.

Interfering the personal life and freedom,
Ban of things & invading a person’s privacy,
Killing people for ignoring bans,
Making their lives miserable and risky.

Is this how the citizens should be treated,
Who always voted & respected the government,
This should be stopped completely,
By employing efforts to improve democratic management.

So our respected government,
Stop such activities making the peoples desires tan,
Instead just place a complete halt,
On the unruly ban.

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