Beautiful Morning Poem – A Cold Dull Winter Morning

Beautiful Morning Poem – Morning Poetry

Beautiful Morning Poem

A cold dull winter morning,
Forced to wake up,
Drowsiness had me scorning ,
A daily routine hiccup.

Awaken from my deep slumber
My eye started to ache,
A behavior very fumble,
My Half awaken mind would make.

My cozy warm quilt,
Dragged by my mother,
My peaceful sleep wilts,
By this daily “get up ” torture.

Off i head towards my brush ,
In a sleepy dizzy state,
The cold chilled water splashed,
On my kippy face.

Sipping up the coffee,
Gulping my morning grub,
Time tending  to flee,
Got me swiftly dressing up.

Wore my classic black watch,
Combed my unruly messed up hair,
Staring at the shoe rack,
Identifying the best footwear .

Muffled up in the cozy sweater,
Racing towards the daily route ,
The chilly winter breeze flowing ,
The loud street turning mute.

Calling up the sleep nag,
I finally reached the college,
Ignoring the morning dilemma,
Disqualifying my daily morning  rage..

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