Birds Poem – Poem on Birds – Poem on Music in English

Birds Poem – Poem on Music in English

Birds Poem

O birds sing,
by your poetic voice,
And spread the wishes,
in our cruel world,
to be more mercy,
To be our minds free,
from racism ignorance ideas,
to illuminate our souls,
by the light of love,
human to his brother human,
To can our souls be free,
from the savage instincts,
To can fly in God sky,
the sky of the love,
the sky of the humanity,
To we all replace.

The cruel with the mercy,
The hatred with the love,
The killing with the coexistence,
The racism with the humanity,
With forget the difference,
that are not true,
that only exist ,
in the criminal terrorist ,
extremist racist minds,
To can all together,
Live in peace,
With love,
With norasism.

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