Blessed Poem – Love Poem For Her in English – Love Poem

Blessed Poem – Love Poem For Her in English

Blessed Poem

The love,
I love,
You love,
Many many love,
Many love stories,
Happy or Sad,
The love,
Blessed feelings,
Part of the great love,
Give without take,
Continues without stop,
Not instincts desires,
The love,
Souls love,
Never end,
Never change,
Even love Without hope,
Even feelings pains,
Even you will not be with your love,
Your feelings,
Never stop,
Never change,
To who you love,
Only one soul,
Only one heart,
Only one body,
Only one love,
The good inside,
The loyalty always,
For me,
I lost my love,
Young beautiful angel is killed,
In the cruel war,
By the demons human.

I sweared on her grave,
I’ll be loyal,
To her beautiful remember,
I continue my life,
Lonely with my love,
To only her,
I never allowed,
To love another,
With my hope,
My soul ,
Meet her soul,
In next life,
To be together,
With the love,
With no separate,
To the no end,
Of the forever,
And now in this life,
I’ll continue with what I feel,
With my feelings,
In my heart soul,
To only her, the love.

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