Feelings Poem – Life Poem in English

Feelings Poem – Life Poem in English

Feelings Poem

I have this enormous fucking boil,
It is sat on right bum cheek,
Its blind I know (to squeeze) I have toiled,
Leaving my sitting posture bleak.

I tried to squeeze with finger, thumb,
I swear it is a beauty,
It now looks like I’ve an extra bum,
And I am walking quite ‘acutely’.

I have even tried to look at it,
Put the mirror under arse,
Gives me pain when I need take a shit,
I’m so relieved when I have ‘passed’.

I have also tried to prick the thing,
With a needle in my hand,
Only brought tears leaving my eyes sting,
Then great effort…trying to stand.

So for now I guess I’ll leave it be,
Try disguise it with a plaster,
Hope and pray that no-one else can see,
My enormous ‘bucking fastard’.

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