Breakup Poetry – All Cause The Breakup That Happened

Breakup Poetry in English

Breakup Poetry

I stormed away,
With much anger & huff,
Damaging everything in my way,
With aggression on my head,
All cause the breakup that happened.

Trying to introspect within myself,
Analyzing my mistakes my errors,
Short fights and blames,
All cause the breakup that happened.

Standing on the edge of a hard rock,
Rejuvenating those cheerful moments spent with her,
Those moments I shared with her,
After a separation, bought me jeers,
All cause the breakup that happened.

Sigh of regret,  tears of sorrow,
Can’t get back those moments I spent,
My mind has turned dumb,
And My words have been mum,
My thoughts wandering in those past  moments spent with her,
Mistake and repentance do still deter,
My heart resided by guilt & repent,
Inject loneliness in me like a black serpent,
My thoughts focused on her,

Her plight I can imagine, could not take it anymore,
her sadness couldn’t be endured,

It forced my conscience to lead me to her,
All cause the breakup that happened.

As I met her again,
She wasn’t the same as before,
Lone and dull was her face,
Eagerly waiting for a warm embrace,
My head hanged in shame before her,
Her eyes longing for a sorry,
Both of us had a sense of regret,
Both filled with shame and repent,
As I said “sorry” to her,
Her  face shined with a ray of hope,

Her eyes filled with tears of joy,
Hiding her face, hiding her charm,
There she came right into my arms,
My heart enlightened by this scene,
Another remorse for being too mean,
There the gloomy moment finally ended,
All cause the breakup that happened!!!

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