Care Poem – Poem on Love and Care – Poem on Care

Care Poem – Poem on Care

Care Poem

I was in meeting
With the devil hide the evil
Wearing the angle mask
Appears as a good friend
But all this was lie
In evil devil games
Cheating me by
The fake goodness
The fake honest
The fake kindness
The fake polite
The fake respected
The fake trust
The fake friend
The fake needing help.

The fake needing friend
To listen to the complaints
About the life troubles
But I have angelic gift
Thanks God for it
I can know what is
The one when
I look to the eyes
I feel something bad
Something wrong
And all what happened
Not more than bad games
And I remembered who said
Do whatever you do to exist your dreams.

Even you will be the evil devil bad
Even you will do the bads for this
Even you will destroy the world
Even you will hurt who trust you
Who gives you the friend hand
And then I found
My goodness My loyalty
My polite My respected
My honest My trust
Everything good in me
Against all the evil devil bad games
But I can’t change
I never and I’ll never change
This who I’m never ever
Change to be bad evil
To satisfy the wrong dreams
I’ll not feel chime by the time
And this my poetic legacy
Will talk after me tell about me.

Tell about the truth inside me
That I live all my life with it
With my loyalty in sadness suffering
To only one girl my dead girl love
When I’m in my young beginning
And I still and I will still
Loyal to my young angel love
To the end of the no end
Forever in my every live.

No change No forget
No replace by any girl
Whatever she is
I have one soul
And only one soul mate
Go away evil devil
With your bad games
I’m protected by my love
Who is praying to me
From God and his angels heaven.

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