Childhood Poem – My Childhood Memories Poem

Childhood Poem – My Childhood Memories Poem

Childhood Poem

I was born in nineteen sixty,
the youngest one of five,
With four older siblings teaching me,
I’d soon become alive,
Three sisters and one brother,
so close we were back then,
Especially me and brother Hugh,
Building wee gang huts and den’s,
Craigmillar Castle Terrace then…
to me? was paradise,
With all our friends we’d know not when,

to sleep or when to rise,
My sisters Georgia, Eileen, Mag,
Were girlie girls… not me!
What! Barbie dolls and Sindy dolls,
Pfft! I’d rather go climb trees,
My Mother Dear, she tried so hard,
she’d make me pretty frocks,
Well me! wear them, I’m sorry mum,
she’d shake her head in shock,
She soon came round my dear old mum,
proof came when I reached eleven,
The best birthday I’d ever had,
Georgie Best boots? second heaven,

I’d played the girlie games then too,
like hopscotch, Chinese ropes…
I’d stole my father’s polish tin,
and filled it with old soap,
I’d read the girlie magazine’s
Bunty, Mandy, Judy too…
But! commando books saw me more keen,
Reading them… before our Hugh,
So! a girlie girl I never was,
From the minute I was born,
It was climbing trees and scaling walls,
Returning home with clothes all torn,
Mum thought she’d had two sons I’m sure,
For where Hugh went, I would follow,

Our bikes, home-made (as we were poor),
But back then our pride we’d swallow,
Yes! growing up for me was fun,
in such a place I still hold dear,
With our childhood being second to none,
Which my memory recalls clear,
If choices away back then had been,
to have grown up somewhere else,
Then! I think that throughout life, my dream,
Would be wishing to be ‘poor’… we’d wealth!

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