Childrens Day Poetry – Childrens Day – Poem About Children

Childrens Day Poetry – Childrens Day

Childrens Day Poetry

Children all over,
In this beautiful creation hover,
Yelling all around, dancing on the ground,
Letting out a cute sweet smile, making their parents too found,
Their life so cheerful, their life so happy,
Their pleasant existence being celebrated on eve of children’s day,
These divine gifts of god,
Enjoy this rejoice full day,
Running here & there,
Playful noise everywhere,
Relishing delicious treats,

Enjoying sweet cold drink sips,
Living this unforget full eve,
With containment & satisfaction,
With a cute smile & a day of shear relaxation.
And dear grownups,
You may not be able to enjoy this day as per your mature view,
But guys, our beloved Chacha Nehru,
Loved all the grownups, as at sometimes they were children too,

So rejoice, enjoy , celebrate with fun,
Leaving your sorrows, not bothering about any tension,
Live your childhood, live its essence,
Live its stage, feel its delightful presence,
Recall your sweet spent childhood, with this flashback ray,
Beloved and longed by all, the recurring “Children’s Day”!!!

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