Merry Christmas – Christmas Is Cancelled – Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas – Christmas Poetry

Merry Christmas

That was a cold and frosty Christmas Eve
When folks had cleaned their lums
Small children slept, they still believed
That Santa Claus would come

But what a shock when they awoke
Their stockings showing no sign…
For at the North Pole, Santa boaked
‘Cause he’d been on the wine

Too drunk to drive his sleigh (he sobbed)
Poor Rudolph by his side
He knew kids Christmas Day, he’d robbed
Thought to himself ‘I better hide’

He then thought better of himself
It bloody serves them right
All year I work hard with my elves
Think ‘I’ll pour myself a pint’

They are far too spoiled (kids nowadays)
They want and want till they get
So I’ll open more wine ‘self-appraise’
Whilst those spoilt wee Fuckers sweat

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