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Circle of Life Poem Death

Circle of Life Poem Death

Down the curfew lane,
I walk through a cemetery,
An strange calmness I experienced ,
In that black death factory.

An intersection it was,
Of an unexpected myth,
The unwanted, the filthy,
The ever existing cruel death.

A soul leaves a body,
Surviving on the earth,
Painfully or peacefully,
By the thorny death Perth.

As my view rolled,
I saw the same old death pattern,
A family wooing sadly,
Due to dim of their family lantern.

I always wonder,
Why death does exist?
Grasping emotions in its clutches,
Why does it even persist?

Nobody has ever escaped,
From its scary claws,
Each one has tried hard,
To avoid the death flaw.

I finally left away,
From the death den,
With a strange deep fear,
Of encountering it closely, yet again.

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