College Poem – Poem on College Life – College Poetry

College Poem – Poem on College Life

College Poem

One week,
Hardly remaining,
My beloved vacation,
Will be ending.

Preparing back,
For the next boring term,
Preparing my mind,
My weary body to stay firm.

There lays,
The boring thing coming,
Its nothing as bad,
As my college reopening.

Back to college,
And Back to daily routine,
Back to those ruthless books,
Sheer enemies of every teen.

Back to the same old class,
And Back to the same old seat,
Back in front of that ugly black board,
Where the chalk and duster meet.

Here the bell rings,
There the teacher enters,
Here again starts,
The boring routine lectures.

Here again we come,
Across economics & commerce,
Lectures at the start,
Makes my mind very worse.

FC & BC lectures,
Have  unfortunately resumed,
My present disgusted mood,
Begins to fret and fume.

Math’s, Accounts & EVS,
Seem like an evil curse,
But a close sight at these,
Seem as a melodious verse.

Here i meet,
My long lost friends,
All changed and different,
With various new trends.

Here my college begins,
Here starts the flow of studies,
And Here resumes the era of learning,
Here floods the sea of worries.

College may sound,
A lame existing joint,
But guys it’s the best,
It determines our turning point.

So guys enjoy your college life,
Enjoy this educational fest,
Live your college life,
With pleasure and sheer zest!!!

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