Command Poem – Stop Stop – Poem on Humanity And Kindness

Command Poem – Poem on Humanity And Kindness

Command Poem

When the humanity,
suffering will end,
when the racism,
hateness will stop,
When we stop killing,
in the name of the God?
Because we are not,
from the same origin,
or from the same religion,
or we don’t talk,
the same language,
or we don’t have,
the same colour?
God the love not enemy,
to anyone of us.

God create the human,
in his image,
God commanded us,
in the ten commandment,
don’t kill, don’t rape, don’t hate,
and what we do now?
We do all the bad,
that we must not do it,
killing, rape, torture,
sale of women and,
children as slaves,
Our exist to obey God,
to do what He commanded us,
Stop playing the devil games,
which make you more,
evil than the devil,
Stop Stop Stop Stop.

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