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Crazy Poem – Crazy Poetry

Crazy Poem

Last night while sleeping,
Wide awake,
I stood up sitting down,
I smashed a cup that did not break,
Fully clothed in my night gown.

Which made me bend,
while standing straight,
To pick up no smashed pieces,
The night was early as it was quite late,
Leaving me crushed with no creases.

I looked around with both eyes closed,
To see what was not there,
With temperature sky high,
I froze,
So I stood down in my chair.

While standing down I sat up straight,
Turning slowly quickly around,
I was glad it was an early late,
I got lost in what I had found.

The sun was blinding as midnight stroke,
I then poured myself a bit toast,
I thought with that I’d eat some coke,
Erm! I’m kind of confused,
Damn! I’ll post.

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