Cry Poem – Poem on Suffering And Pain – Life Poetry in English

Cry Poem – Poem on Suffering And Pain

Cry Poem

I am from country,
suffer in war,
to a long time,
Destroyed my dreams,
when I am young,
killed my love,
without mercy,
Took my beautiful hope,
during cruel fight,
The rockets fall down,
as the terror rain,
every place,
Killing destroying,
all what we love,
Then the last time,
I saw my,
beautiful young love,
scared running,
with her family,
To find place,
To hide from,
the dark destiny.

But unfortunately,
The death took them,
to its dark cold,
To the memories area,
Left me alone,
crying and still cry,
Every time I remember,
how killed,
my beautiful dream,
As I am crying,
during writing now,
And no words enough,
to express my sadness,
to describe my disappointed,
To tell how much,
The pain in my heart,
The rupture in my soul.

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