Dark Poem – Alone – Poem on Alone

Dark Poem – Alone

Dark Poem – Alone Poem in English Language

Stranded in a dark corner,
Recollecting some past moments.

Cherishing the sweet memories,
Cherishing the spent moments.

Smiling at those sweet events,
Passing away my present.

No one to seek, no one to care,
Cause I am alone,  I am alone.

Regretting for enjoying the sweet past,
My tearful eyes witnessing loneliness.

Talking to myself becoming sad,
One mistake in past made me mad.

Feeling superior, feeling proud,
I left my family left the crowd.

Imagining an sweet life to enjoy alone,
This is the tragedy, my destiny has shown.

Regret the laughter, regret the fun,
Regret the discussion while I was mum.

Recalling the past suffering the fate,
But it’s no use as it is extremely late.

My speech, my voice has lost its tone,
No use of regretting, as I am alone.

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