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Darkness Poem – Words Poem

Darkness Poem

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I have the poetic soul
The poetic words
As many have it
In this cruel world
Poetic words the talk
Of our poetic souls
About her freedom
From its chains
The bodies
By the souls words
The poetic torch
Illuminate the minds
To be free
From the instincts
Let the souls talk
The soul’s part
From the big real truth
That we hide behind
The devil whispers
To go live inside.

The evils caves
Instead of living
Free under that light
Our souls light
From the great truth
Let our missions
Let our duty
Poetic words
Talk about
The soul’s freedom
To be free from
Our ignorance
To go on free
Under the sun truth
To be free from
The devil darkness
We have
The poetic souls
The poetic words
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