Economic Poetry – Economics – Poem About Economics

Economic Poetry – Economics

Economic Poetry – Poem About Economics

Economics is a field,
Every body throngs for,
It is an interstice topic,
Everyone longs for.

It may seem boring,
With all ugly thoughts pouring,
But an encounter with its concepts,
Will have your mind hovering.

This lengthy topic,
Academic though,
Occurs daily in our life,
We don’t even know.

Economics seems tough,
Imposed by several assumptions,
Certain variations in them,
Derive hectic complications.

Deepen its emphasis,
Theories of several kinds,
Interesting diagrams,
Affect your analytical mind.

People say,
It refers to flow of money,
But I say,
It’s a flow of energy.

This essential topic,
A really interesting field,
Ignorance of it,
May stunt the globe to monetarily build.

This boring topic,
A damn interesting subject to boast,
Hated by many,
Liked by me the most!!!

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