Economic Poetry – Inflation – Poem on Inflation

Economic Poetry – Inflation

Economic Poetry – Inflation Poem

Inflation inflation,
What’s that commotion,
That unwanted state arriving,
While no one saw it coming.

Here that evil giant,
Unfortunately comes,
Bringing rising prices,
leading tension fumes.

Decreasing the value of money,
Increase in the value of goods,
Scarcity has nailed it,
No availability of common food.

Corruption and black money,
Cause of this devastation,
This ugly rustic situation,
Referred to as inflation.

When will this end,
And When will normal rate regain,
When will relief prevail,
To common man again.

Lets us all stop this,
Let it never sustain,
Let the common mans power,
Have inflation detained.

That day is not far,
When inflation gets demolished,
We eagerly look forward,
Till economic conditions get polished.

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