Exam Poem – Night Before Exams – Poem on Examination

Exam Poem – Night Before Exams

Exam Poem

Very Quickly,
Day’s pass by,
Unfortunately I see,
Term exams arrive.

Whiled away the time,
Refrained from studying,
But now busy preparing,
For exams so annoying.

Just picked up the book,
Couldn’t understand a word,
I greatly repent,
For not being a nerd.

Surfing all the pages,
Wrapped mugging up,
Friends pinging for question bank,
I wished they would shut up.

Referring important questions,
To clear each & every test,
Studying the whole night,
Avoiding food & rest.

Consuming cups of coffee,
To stay up all night,
To defeat and win,
The ghastly exam fight.

Various religious quotes,
Are all friends WhatsApp statuses,
To defeat the exam tension,
Were their stupid myths.

All religious customs,
Which i never encountered before,
I hesitantly followed,
To escape the failure roar.

My head dropped off,
Very sleepy was my plight,
The next day exam tension,
Gave me a disturbed sleepy night.

Next day I woke up,
Got ready & had my breakfast,
Going to the college,
Where the exam shadow would cast.

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