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Falling Love Poem – Love Poetry in English

Falling Love Poem

You flood my heart with pain,
If I survive in this vacuum of your loving,
Never will I fall in love again,
Because of you I drench my pillows,
with teas of unseasoned crying.

Why can’t my heart accept a fact?
That a part of our love has died you now pretend,
What’s left of us is just a portrait,
Love is of the days of yore.

You feigned a saint,
Yet a serpent,
So, bold and full of beauty,
but intern a beast,
I saw suave and love,
I was blind you’re brut.

A perfect sight to behold,
But behind a horror,
you arouse intense fright,
A delicious meal to me a poor rat,
Yet a trap of death with cheese my favorite.

Your fake love, you only aimed to rend and pang my heart.

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