Fathers Day Poem – My Hero – Poem on Father in English

Fathers Day Poem – My Hero

Fathers Day Poem

Always behind me,
He’s there to protect,
Working with precision,
A hero so perfect.

Omnipresent is he,
Scanning for snags,
Clearing my way,
Destroying such lags.

He’s there for me,
Working 24/7,
Slogging tirelessly for me,
From 8 to 11.

He withstands pains,
To see me smile,
Making my life better,
All the while.

On his back,
He used to ride me once,
Now setting me right,
His comforts he burns.

Sometimes in pique,
He turns a bit mad,
And He showers laughter on me,
He can’t see me sad.

To fulfill wishes,
His wallets remain empty,
For sake of me,
There’s cash in plenty.

He is my hero,
Fulfilling my fad,
Always with me,
Stays besides my dad.

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