Fishermen Poem – Human Beings – Poem on Humanity in English

Fishermen Poem – Poem on Humanity in English

Fishermen Poem

Black gold fishermen
Bringing hook of deceitfulness to harvest the resources of our creeks
Leaving us to wallow in abjectness and redundancy

Black gold fishermen
Bringing strife and bitterness 
To our peaceful creek filled with crude gold
Making us gnawed deep in pain 
As our natural resources is siphoned before our eyes 
Leaving us to feast on a bowl of partiality

Black gold fishermen
As they spread coins of greed
To our kinsmen
Bringing divisibility among our tribesmen
As men of our creeks struggle to scoop from the tables crumbs
As they struggle to taste the fruitfulness of their resources

Black gold fishermen
Leave our crude gold in peace
That it may blossom and yield transformation
To the inhabitants of our creeks

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