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Forest Poem – Poem on Memories

Forest Poem

A long time ago in a forest down south
Lived Big Riding Hood she was down in the mouth
She weighed fifty stone as she ate all day long
But craved for a boyfriend and to wear a thong

She wobbled all over, ground shook as she passed
In treetops birds tweeted, saying! think she should fast
She was going to see Grandma, for she was bedridden
As a wolf gave wide berth, thinking fuck! what a midden

As she reached Grandma’s door, pushing whole bulk inside
Her Grandma thought ‘Red hood’ sure Her, no-one would ride
Oh Grandma! what big eyes and big lips you have got
It’s a pity I’ve eaten all the food that I brought…

Just then Grandma leapt from her sick dying bed
Grabbed greedy big Red, saying! now you are dead
You don’t come to clean me or neither to feed
A selfish Grandaughter who knows only greed!

Now that great big bad wolf, he can call anytime,
Ha! on you, he can feed for a year! Greedy Swine

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