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Friends Poem – Lose Few Friends – Sadness Poetry

Friends Poem

Is not it bad enough that folk man-slaughter
In the name of whoever or what
Ain’t it sad and tough, folk kill sister, brother
Without friends on here ”being bought”
Ain’t it sad folks on here (folks showing remorse)
For the French (as in profiling flag)
Took shit doing their bit (argued till they were hoarse)
Some folks, just like down wording drag
It’s life’s natural way, folk are touched by headlines.

Doesn’t mean they favour colour or creed
Flags? we’d change every day in support of such crimes
We put French up, but! for all deaths (we bleed)
Ain’t it not bad enough? that real blood is being spilt
Without ”killing” each other on-line
Aim your anger, frustration to those ”holding the Hilt”’
Instead of feeding… more war crime!

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