Girl Beauty Poem – Poem on Girls – Poem on Girl Beauty

Girl Beauty Poem – Poem on Girls

Girl Beauty Poem

She never read
She listened not
She’d never be led
She’d rather rot
She stood alone
She had herself
She’d often roam
She knew no wealth
She had a heart
She used it wisely
She’d take no part
She’d avoid where lies lay
She needed no-one
She sometimes thought

She’d found the sun
She’d often sought
She’d lend an ear
She deafly knew
She’d try to bring cheer
She chose to which few
She knew within…
She saw the good
She herself had sinned
She’d once been rude
She lived, she loved
She’d also died
She’d give sis, bruv…
She’d never despise
See! she’d been there

She had nothing once
She’d seen despair
She was thought of ‘dunce’
She tarried on
She stayed true to herself
She was no-ones pawn
She was not for being shelved
She spoke minds thoughts
She’d never keep them inside
She was born yes! not bought
She had nothing to hide

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