Girls Poetry – Girls – Poem on Girls – Poem in English

Girls Poetry – Girls – Poem on Girls

Girls Poetry

Our vast Earth,
Includes a lot of human varieties,
Smart  handsome guys,
And gorgeous female beauties.

These beauties,
Differ in many respects,
Hobbies looks,
And various life aspects.

Some fancy queens,
Some beauties being simple,
Innocence within,
Display their cute dimples.

The day if passed,
With no self grooming,
Makes them to fret,
Makes their face fuming.

The fashion of dress,
The brand of shoes,
If not proper,
Adds to their woes.

Their diet,
Their weight,
Much matters,
While on a date.

The words like “sis”,
The words like “aunt”,
The girls do rage from,
They take as a harsh “taunt”.

The guys she addresses as brother,
Or the one in a mere friendship,
Later becomes,
Her serious relationship.

Their well combed hair,
Their well groomed face,
If imperfect,
Is a huge committed mistake.

One thing, they can’t stay,
A “second” without,
Is their mobiles,
Without any doubt.

Clubs and parties,
Are their daily whereabouts,
Where they pose for selfies,
With cute duck pouts.

These gorgeous angels,
Make our life colorful ,
With love & affection,
In our hearts they rule.

So!! live your life beauties,
And live it as a queen,
Live it with prestige,
With a sweet “cheese”.

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