Greatness Poem – Faith And Hope – Destined For Greatness

Greatness Poem in English Language

Greatness Poem

Drag and drive your dreams to reality,
With no doubts I have adjudged we all,
Can reach our destinies,
Though disparaged, desist not to,
Divulge your way to your diadem,
Even if day by day on your road to your dreamland,
Dilemmas double and try to dupe you to give up,
Defy to be debilitated by doubts and fears,

Because I’ve found out fears are ferocious,
Phantoms that find fun in feasting in our faith,
So fragment the chains of fears and cling to your faith,
With hopes that your fantasies can flourish to be bona fide not fiction,
Even when often time’s facts of faults try to fade your fortune,
Uplift an influence of achieving,
With fortitude say farewell to facts of failing.

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