Growing Up Poem – Poem About Youth Life – Poem on Youth

Growing Up Poem – Poem About Youth Life

Growing Up Poem – Poem on Youth Power

Was about to turn 18,
Leaving my cool & cute teen.
New perils ahead,
Making me very keen.

Imagining the freedom,
The complete liberty,
Entering into,
A better stage of fraternity.

Being too mature,
Too understanding,
Guessing the adulthood,
Very much outstanding.

The increase in respect,
Increase in responsibilities,
Will be too essential to perform ,
A responsible adult’s duties.

I would be enjoying as a grownup,
Enjoying the mature lifestyle,
Many challenges ahead,
Responsibilities on a pile.

Leaving some memories,
i would never forget,
The thing I would be Leaving,
My precious, marvelous lived teen.

The enjoyment,
The pranks,
The immature and relaxed life as a kid,
The life full of glamour and tech as a teen.

The birthday celebrations,
The usual life gossiping,
The exam commotion’s,
The number of assignments pending.

The feel of first love,
The everyday parents tiff,
The gloomy face after breakup,
A expensive birthday gift.

Such astounding moments,
Can never be ignored,
Or else my entire adulthood,
Would be a huge bore.

My 18th birthday,
May be too exciting
But this glorious moments,
Can never be neglected.

As I await to be a grownup,
The teenage I would be leaving behind,
Will always in my memories,
Will  surely bind!!!!

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