Gypsy Poem – Poem of Christmas in English – Merry Christmas

Gypsy Poem – Christmas Poetry

Gypsy Poem

That was two days after Christmas and all through the house
My arse it was ripping like a flame needing doused
What rich food had I eaten? which animal had returned
Had karma come bleating as my knickers burned
Was it that poor lamb’s leg, eaten while watching telly
Or was it that hog roast giving Gyp to my belly
Perhaps it was chicken… well I’d eaten all three.

Devoured, finger-licking, them? no more running free
Hmmm maybe the prawns in the sauce were too rich
Or could it have been gateau, I ate three (greedy bitch)
So two days after Christmas my bowels are distraught
I’m now going to the chemist … to procure Senokot!

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