Hair Poem – Hair Obsession – Beauty Poetry

Hair Poem – Beauty Poetry

Hair Poem

The 21st century,
Many human forms,
Male and females,
With several different norms.

They differ in hobbies,
They differ everywhere,
The most common element,
Their one & only hair.

Hair a prestige thing to mention,
A very sick viral obsession.
Boys & girls in this case,
Have a different hairstyle taste.

They curl or get their hair straighten,
To be prepared for every single occasion.
They do modify hairstyle,
Their only crazy passion.

Conditioning or combing,
Their most prized hair,
With no little blunder,
Nor any error to spare.

They try to match hairstyle,
With their pretty dresses,
So that they look glamorous,
In top best parties.

As they get up from sleep,
Their hair turns a crow’s nest,
It seems like deforestation,
On their brainless crest.

Boy’s share the attitude,
As same as the girls,
But one thing boy’s do try to refrain,
Are filthy ugly haircuts.

They grow their hair,
To go with the recent style,
But rude haircuts,
Send hair on a long exile,

Their hair attacked,
By those sharp snippy scissors,
Cuts appearing near the ears,
By harsh sharp razors.

Their hair trimmed short,
Or head made bald,
Makes them look funny,
Makes them look  retard.

So the issue of hair,
An asset very Royce,
A truly sensitive topic ,
A human’s most crucial choice!!

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