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Happy New Year Poem – You Are Going To

Happy New Year Poem

At the coastal end
You are going to meet
An elder year
Who had experienced,
All good and bad.
The journey which
Started from 1st Jan.
Had reaches to its end .
Passing year,
Is going to handover ,
All their responsibility
to their young one.
On its last breath
You must share happiest Memories,

As once it’s pass ,
Never come back,
So, before its going ,
Take their blessing and wishes.
Remove all regrets
Make your heart sweeter.
Give the farewell,
To old passing year,and
Welcome the new one with full cheers..
Give your thanks to 2017
For making the year so adventurous,
and make some wishes with 2018,
To bring new fun and energy in the life.

Happy new year..

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