Heaven And Hell Poem – The Hell Heaven – English Poetry

Heaven And Hell Poem – English Poetry

Heaven And Hell Poem

I went to,
The dreams world,
To follow my dreams,
But as many many,
Times before,
I found the nightmares,
I went back to,
The sadness world,
With the disappointed,
I went to,
The answers world,
I found no answers,
I went back to,
The confused world,
With many questions,
More than before,
I went to,
The heaven,
I found,
The hell fires,
Burn my hopes,
I went back,
as many again,
To the despair world,
No hopes to,
Found the happiness,
No hopes to.

My dreams be exist,
No answers,
To my question,
No heaven,
Only hell,
I live loneliness,
No hope,
To find her,
To be with her,
Who is the fires,
Of The adore,
To the love paradise,
She is as many,
many always,
The hell heaven.

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