Communication Poem – Hmmm Word – Poem on Behavior

Communication Poem – Poem on Behavior

Communication Poem

The people all over,
Communicate by,
Facebook or Whatsapp,
The chats lie.

A social virtual chat.
Fingers swiftly sliding on keyboard,
Running smoothly,
All thoughts overboard.

At every “ok” or emoji
Their voice would be mum,
One thing they would never forget,
A reply with a common usual “hmmm”.

This usual “hmm”,
Is exaggerated or briefed,
Adding number of “m”s infinite ,
Or getting those “m”s sleeved.

Girls mostly use,
This irritating “hmmm”
To convince boys,
To force them their  terms.

This annoying “hmmm”,
May mean several things,
Anger or happiness,
Agreements to your pings.

“hmmm” may  depict,
Thoughts that a girl thinks,
Agreement in suit or respect,
May extend the relation links.

A girl’s “hmmm” means a lot,
More than “ok” & “yes”,
Awaiting impatiently,
For the next key press.

“hmm” is a pain ,
A  hated word expression,
“hmm” may be the main aspect,
A better agreement in consideration.

The social networking being dominated,
By these tiny “hmm”s,
An adorable cute expression,
A gesture tethering  chums!!!

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