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I Need You

I need you; in my life and around me always.
I have had others that I called companion, but none like you.
I trust you.
Our connection far surpasses that of mere man and women.
The phrase “you are my soulmate” is even an understatement.
Spirit companion to me you truly are.

I need you.
In my heart I don’t ever see myself taking a step without you.
When I close my eyes and think about the future to come.
We are walking holding hands discussing it; together always.
Humbly I pray you stay by my side.
What I would be without you, I don’t care to ponder that notion.
Thinking of such a thing might make it a possibility.

I need you.
So I will never utter any other thought in my mind of you other than total love and care.
I will put you ahead of all else so that my word is backed by action.
When you think of my love, care and attention shown.
You will feel it like a hand or an actual touch.

That strong this my love for you is.
I need you and I am not afraid to make the world aware of this fact.
It is always and only you, giving my heart the lines of life it needs to beat.
Your energy offers a needed resource to my existence, like the sun gives to the earth.
And just like it, to remain remaining; I NEED YOU!

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