Imaginary Poem – My Imaginary First And Last – Poem on Love

Imaginary Poem

Imaginary Poem

I never expected never wanted
but you came, and I try to walk in flame
even there’s a hundred percent chance you leave me and don’t look back
I put down my cards put down my pride and tell myself you’re my first and last

Hoping your my first and last hoping it would last
your sweetness makes me laugh and feels like you’re my first and last
But time run too fast and fact awake me,
Truth slap me I’m just a fan
Just a cheerleader and make sure your fine and faking myself I can be anything you want me to be but reality is. I can be but you don’t want me to be

My eyes open but I can’t see your flaws and imperfections
My heart beats but you can’t hear I have mind but I can’t count how many retakes I try
Maybe I’m just the one who thinks it’s possible for you to be my first and last

You’re a prince and I’m a maid
I’m so stupid it could be happening
I’m so stupid thinking an ampalaya can be sweeten
And so stupid thinking our friendship can be deepen

every time you ignore my messages it made me feel half dead and barely breathing
I can’t unloved you… because it will make me stop from dreaming
And I can’t unloved you because my fairytale dream can have turned to a nightmare and my first and last disappear

Did you know Too good to say goodbye by Sam smith? it says “every time you hurt me, the less that I cry” -my heart slowly melts when it reactive becomes rock “every time you leave me the quicker this tears dry” -expecting at the end of the day I’ll see you without anything to say then you leave me and my world painted gray “every time you walk out the less I love you” -my eyes widely open and saw you fading and rejection all I gather rejections which make me stronger until I realized I’m way too good at goodbyes

Maybe I don’t deserve you
Maybe you deserve better
better than me, better than childish, immature me and better than what you deserved

You mean so much to me
so I’m setting you free my imaginary first and last
Even it’s not a must
I just want you to be happy and it’s not beside me

but before I ended up this poem I just want to thank you for a short time, thank you for experiencing me “Kilig”, Thank you for being my inspiration, Maybe I’m over reacting but please remember me as a rhyme and a friend you can count on anytime.

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