Bad Luck Poem – Poem About Memories of Love

Just Day More – Bad Luck Poem

Bad Luck Poem

Just day more,
I’ll be bidding it bye,
I’ll be eager,
To see it die.

Nothing but bad luck,
This year gave me,
Just some drops of goodness,
It sprinkled over me.

Death of close ones,
Remorse filled times,
This year gave me,
For uncommitted crimes.

Minutes of betrayal,
Days of sigh,
Friendship with the mean,
Loyalty died.

Phases of depression,
Waves of sorrow,
Just passed on,
Waiting for a better tomorrow.

Study war declared,
Built the exam pressure,
A newer me I discovered,
My pals found in me a teacher.

Hasty decisions,
Health at stake,
Tension built up,
For choices I make.

This year will pass off,
Never ever to be seen,
Hope to see the better one,
Adieu 2017.

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