Kid Poem – Poem on Childhood – A Kid I Was – Poem on Child

Kid Poem – Poem on Childhood

Kid Poem

A kid I was,
A small cute creature,
Bold nature,
But still immature.

Limbs crawling,
All over the house,
Swift & faster,
Than a timid mouse.

Supported firmly,
By soft little palms,
Steadied me,
Short firm arms.

Saliva dripping,
From my little mouth,
Mom’s proud smiles,
No sign of her  wrath.

My bitter cries,
My sweet laughter,
Loudly hovered,
Over the atmosphere.

My face so fair,
My face so calm,
My mom’s lucky,
Little magical charm.

My lips so pink,
My image so endearing,
My speck less white tooth,
Like a star in the sky sparkling.

My cheeks so fluffy,
No sight of wrinkles,
My smile incomplete,
With no delightful dimples.

My crystal clear eyes,
My long curly hair,
My “hmmm” mumble,
Viral over the air.

Waking up at odd hours,
My loud deafening cries,
A tough job to handle,
Everyone’s only sigh.

My tactics so sweet,
My actions so lovable,
My noisy cute presence,
Very much favorable.

Kid i used to be,
So loving & appealing,
My mom’s only treasure,
Precious & enchanting!!!!

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