Last Day Poem – Poem on Hope – Poem on Hope and Faith

Last Day Poem – Poem on Hope in English

Last Day Poem – Poem on Hope and Faith

Let me inhale,
Each breath of mine,
Scurrying hurriedly,
Trickling with the time.

Let me see,
The world before me,
Before I leave,
For my destiny.

Let me love,
The people I hate,
The girl I longed for,
On my last date.

Let me taste,
Food I never ate,
Tantrums I cant throw,
As near comes my fate.

Let me play,
In the green lands,
Let me run,
Through the golden hot sands.

Let me wade,
Through the sea,
My childhood fantasy,
Where I wished I would be.

Let me apologize,
For flaws i made,
The troubles I caused,
Problems I laid.

Let me thank,
My parents this day,
Who bought me up,
To live till my last day.

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