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Damn Sickness – Life Poem English

Life Poem English

My form so down,
My body too hot,
My neck heated up,
A harsh recurring cough.

Laying life-less,
On the soft fluffy bed,
A damn wet kerchief,
Right over my head.

My eyes so weak,
My eyeballs too stressed,
My health in a worst condition,
My health depressed.

My status too dull,
My body aching,
My attitude turned null,
The air filled with my groaning.

My neck,
A smooth skin tube,
Attacked by bacteria,
My voice worst &mute.

Got myself infested by weakness,
My status shut off completely,
This leech like sickness,
Doesn’t happen to leave me.

Fed up by bitter pills,
Fed up by filthy medication ,
Fed up by the doctor’s visit,
Fed up by sharp pointed injections.

Fed up by “do’s & don’ts”,
Fed up by kinks
Fed up by rest,
Fed up boy immunity sinks.

Fed up by the medicines,
Fed up by spice less foods,
Spoiling my present,
Pre-irritated ill mood.

Fed up of being on the bed,
Forbidden to unmount,
Being stranded with illness,
No energy to move about.

Troubled with sickness,
Troubled with immobility,
Waiting to get rid of this illness,
Awaiting for my liberty!!!

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