Little Brother Poem – Brother Poem – Poem on Little Brother

Little Brother Poem – Brother Poem

Little Brother Poem

A 4 year old I was,
Totally dull and lone,
My parents couldn’t see me,
Being all alone.

And there you arrive,
Second kid of my mother,
Cute and sweet,
My innocent little brother.

You were an infant,
A gentle tot,
Your soft round face,
Company, in my life bought.

Your instant loud wails,
Would make me nervous,
The sweet smile you left,
Made my moment joyous.

Dirtying your diaper,
Was your one and only task,
You would create a havoc,
If it wasn’t changed fast.

Disturbing others sleep,
Was too obvious for you,
Keeping your Sleep undisturbed,
Was our only cue.

As you began to speak,
You showed your cute verbal grace ,
The word “dada” you uttered,
Is still a memorable golden phase.

We played together,
We enjoyed our childhood,
Recalling those days,
Just enlightens my mood.

As we grew up,
The playful moments disperse,
But still your laughter, your cries,
Tinker like a calm musical verse.

Dear little brother,
We both have grownup,
But don’t forget the lovely days,
That we have together, spent up.

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