Loneliness Poem – You And I – Love Poem in English

Loneliness Poem – You And I

Loneliness Poem

I guess I was two when I first noticed you,
You would follow wherever I went,
Sometimes you would stick to me just like a glue,
Made me think that you were heaven sent.

I remember us chatting when no-one was there,
You listening to all that I said,
Sometimes you went missing, leaving me in despair,
I would cry for you each night in bed.

I felt so alone when you were not around,
You would hide from me quite frequently,
Sometimes I would stare at the wall and the ground,
Hoping you would show up, make my day.

I noticed sometimes you were taller than I,
You could change shape near every day,
Sometimes you looked sad but you never did cry,
As you copied me while I did play.

I still see you now though you’v grown up like me,
You look older and wiser somehow,
Sometimes I still look back, sometimes I still see,
You and I…shadow, please take a bow.

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