Loneliness Poem – Loneliness – Poem on Lonely

Loneliness Poem – Poem on Lonely

Loneliness Poem

My life has been too rude to me,
I am totally alone,
Is that an apostrophe,
Leaving me on my own.

Is it a mistake to be alone,
To live a life in fear,
Is it a compulsion,
To live a life having no-one to care.

Loneliness has come upon me,
Parting all the laughter and kios,
Abandoned me in a corner,
Full of sadness & jeers.

Regret the time,
I had friends,
Regret the precious moments,
That would never end.

Now that regret has turned over,
Life seems a black tar
I am stranded all alone,
Cheers seem too far.

No love no life,
Seem enveloping me,
Bye Bye to the bright past,
With much fun & glee.

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