Look At Me Poem – Poem on Myself in English – Life Poetry

Look At Me Poem – Poem on Myself in English

Look At Me Poem

Some one friend,
Came to tell me,
that to I have,
The positive mind,
And he wants,
To share with me,
His experience,
To I can believe,
I listened to him with,
the positive listening,
And I began talk,
About my misery life,
About the cruel destiny,
About the lost,
To my young love,
To all my dreams,
To all my hopes,
To many friends,
without I had any choice,
To stop or to change,
What happened,
And still happening,
Why you think,
I hadn’t faith,
or believe,
or dreams or hopes.

I had all this,
I fight and worked,
With all this,
But please before,
You come blame me,
Please again,
With the positive looking,
look at me,
Look how I’m now,
At the end,
With nothing,
All I have loneliness,
With more sadness,
With more disappointed,
With more no hopes,
With my know that,
I’m the humble shadow,
Can’t ask the arrogant,
I can’t cry,
to who don’t have,
the heart to give me,
the mercy.

I can’t complain,
to who haven’t ,
ears to listen,
This my experience,
What’s learning me,
Please excuse me,
I can’t forget,
What I learned,
With many cruel lessons,
Look at me please,
Don’t blame me,
Never judge me,
No one knows,
How I’m living,
How I’m feeling,
I’m at the end,
This not my unbelief,
But this the real,
My story from,
My real experiences,
Please judge me with,
The positive judgment.

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