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In Loved


Easy to feel in love,
Easy to move on…..
But hard to move on,
If falling down,
Its hard to full again,
But easy to move on….
A lady that in love.

Even today in love,
Base on experience,
Have limitation,
For own sake,
For love and to in love,
A love today and for tomorrow,
Moving on with love,
On dreams and soul.

For this love maintaining shape,
Developed an emotion,
More inspiration, more argues,
More knowledge, more love,
Because of love and in loved too….

Looked that promise,
Should be back again,
But what can I do?
I feel you scared,
You can’t stop looking back,
And tell you that I’m in love.

Wanting to stay with you,
As you promise and on love,
I can’t lived the grave,
Without your love,
I can’t full again without ambition,
Only one things to Say’s,
Keep in loved.

Keep it in your dream,
And Keep it in your heart,
Keep it in your mind,
That in love all the way.

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