Mother Day Poem – Mammy – Poem on Mother in English

Mother Day Poem – Mammy

Mother Day Poem

Mammy ah um starving can ah hae a piece oan jam?
Mammy sees fur Christmas kin ah get a wee dolly an’ pram?
Mammy oh mah fingur’s sair! ah hurt it oan thon door
Mammy ah am thirsty, can a wee drink fur me ye pour?
Mammy Ah am fear’t tae sleep can ye tell me a wee story?
Mammy seen as am oaf skool no weel, can ah pleeze watch Jackanory?
Mammy ther’s the ice cream van, please can ah hae a penny

Mammy dinnae tell mah Da’… fur he’ll oanie take a Benny
Mammy hus ye oanie rags? The rag an’ bone man’s thair
Mammy huv ye a plaster? ah fell doon…mah knee is sair
Mammy ah huv rip’t mah troos please mammy can ye stitch?
Mammy mah heids loupin’… huv ye something fur the itch?

Mammy any poack’t money? fur this week ice skating’s oan
Mammy is it Seterday… Da’s suit goes tae the pawn?
Mammy ah need new plimsoles fur mine are fu’ ae holes
Mammy the lino ye put in thum fell oot when ah climb’d poles
Mammy gawn sing thon song again, the yin ye ayewaes sing
Mammy ye ken the yin ah mean it rights a’ wrangs an’ things
Mammy mah bed is cauld the night an’ ah cannie feel mah feet

Mammy can ye fill me a juice boat’ll so’s ah can git a heat
Mammy huv ye porridge made is it in thon boat’m drawer
Mammy dae tell Da’ ah swored… he’ll jis gie me what for!
Mammy please it’s no mah turn tae take the note fur a len’
Mammy yiv ane’r three daughters tae an’ a mair than able son

Mammy whits fur tea the night is it summit hoat (it’s bitter)
Mammy please make oor delight thon greasy big spam fritters
Mammy help! ther’s blood below… please tell me mammy do
Mammy about them birds an’ bees
Och! Mammy whaur are you?
Daddy….Whaurs mah Mammy?

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