Memories Poetry – From There To Here – Poem on Memories

Memories Poetry – From There To Here

Memories Poetry

Back in the day, I took the chalk
Not knowing of my fate
I wrote your name (we didn’t talk)
Just ‘letters’ on a slate

Word soon got round, you smiled at me
I blushed, then realized
I’d reached the age of puberty
No chalk dust could disguise

From then on in ‘one’ became two
We knew we’d never part
Then lead and ink saw us both through
Those chalk dust days sweetheart

New Years flew by, each one being better
Than the year before
We still wrote ‘Love You’ as in letter
At the closing of every door

Which brings me to this present day
Still with you, my perfect suitor
No chalk dust, pencil, or ink need say
As! I have pm’d your Computer.

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